Seasonal produce

As purchasers and purveyors of the finest and freshest foodstuffs, we really are passionate about the ingredients we choose. We think of this page as our opportunity to pass on some of the passion that everyone involved with Kate’s Kitchen shares for fabulous produce from our very own soils.


Kate’s Kitchen loves leeks! Leeks are known as the ‘poor mans asparagus’ and have been in Britain for many years as a staple food.

English season –English leeks are available all year around but at they are best between September – February, and peak again in the spring.

Origin – The leek has been cultivated since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The Romans considered leeks to be a superior vegetable.

Nutritional value – Leeks are an excellent source of vitamin C as well as iron and fibre. They help the functioning of the blood and the heart

Kate’s Kitchen cooking tips – Leeks can be used in so many dishes from savory tarts to hearty soups. Kate’s Kitchen removes tough outer green leaves, washes out the grit, slices and fries in butter gently until just tender, but not too squidgy. Perfect for a side vegetable to a roast dinner