Wild Garlic Pesto

What better way to spend a sunny day, then walking through the woods, collecting some of this delicious and versatile plant – Wild Garlic.
Whilst in season there is so much around, and it is such a great leaf to include in your cooking. Here’s a quick recipe for a wild garlic pesto – delicious on some fresh pasta, in a quiche or smothered on some chicken.

1 large bunch of Wild garlic
100g Old Winchester cheese (v) or Parmesan cheese, roughly grated
½ lemon juice (might need more so add to taste)
100g toasted pine nuts, almonds or hazelnuts
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil – enough to make the right consistency for you
Whizz everything together in a food processor – add more olive oil if you want a looser consistency. Store in a sterilised glass jar.
Lasts up to 2 weeks in a fridge. 

Ana’s tips…..(Kates Kitchen Sauce chef)
You can also make pesto with fresh basil, sun blushed tomatoes, rocket, coriander, mint or whatever is in season at the time. The lemon enhances the flavour of the herbs so don’t be shy!