Jon and Anna Wedding Feedback

The food was excellent from start to finish, from the delicious marinated aubergines, home-made hummus etc. which was all perfectly flavoured and seasoned, to the delicious main courses, to the zingy summer desserts. The crispy skinned sea bass was just as it should be and the tender lamb was beautifully set off by the sweetness of the beetroot. Kate even made an orangey, hazelnutty green bean salad which we’ve enjoyed to make and eat over the years. The veg option was great too, the big fresh, crispy filo parcels were marvellous, which was great, as vegetarians often have a rough deal! All dietary requirements were sorted out too.

The desserts were lovely and wonderfully summery with the fruit-topped meringues the star of the show, and a nice contrast to the cakes which we were having later for the evening guests.

What was also fab for us was how flexible Emma and Kate were. We are pretty into our food and cooking, and Jon’s mum wanted to contribute. Emma was happy to serve up the home-made cakes from Jon’s mum in the evening, and the afternoon tea we’d arranged. This flexibility is NOT always a feature of caterers for events. Emma told us it’s our day so we could do what we wanted, and she meant it.


Emma and Kate are the dynamic duo of wedding catering. Kate’s delicious food and Emma’s calm authority throughout the day made everything run like clockwork. Working in TV I’ve organised a few shoots in my time, but by the end of the day I was happy for Emma to take control. Her experience is clear in everything she does, but she keeps it personal too and understands that it’s your special day and she and her hard working staff do everything they can to support that. Reacting to weather and the changing mood of the guests marked out the team’s experience. Of particular note was their idea to put the bar outside overlooking the view of the Cotswolds, and then in a flash relocate it inside when there was a shower of rain.

Emma’s infrequent but important questions when something came up were always to the point, and followed by a quick ‘Okay, don’t worry about that anymore,’ once we’d agreed what to do.