Autumn / winter finger buffet menu 2016

Choose 5 options @ £6.50 + VAT per head

Choose 7 items @ £8.50 + VAT per head

Choose 9 items @ £10.50 + VAT per head

Choose 12 items @ £12.50 + VAT per head

Seasonal homemade quiches – v

Madras and cheddar biscuits with cream cheese and coriander – v

Homemade falafels with winter vegetable crudités and dips – vegan and wf

Spanish style root vegetable tortilla, with or without chorizo – v

Old Winchester cheese, squash and winter greens frittata – v and wf

Bruschetta topped with Shropshire blue, red onion marmalade and capers – v

Winter vegetable and herb with goats cheese pizette square– with or without chorizo – v

Carrot, onion and leek fritters with sweet chilli sauce dip – v with or without pesto chicken

Toasted walnut, mushroom and blue cheese mini croissants – v

Cheesy muffins topped with paprika with beetroot cream cheese- v

Potato and onion rosti, horseradish cream cheese with flaked salmon

Marinated salmon skewers with pickled cauliflower and dips – wf

Smoked mackerel, braised cabbage and spinach roulade – wf

Kale and leek fish cakes with tartare sauce

Free range marinated chicken skewers with dips – wf

Olive and mustard scones with rare roasted beef and red onion marmalade

Pork sage and apple sausage rolls – or roasted root vegetable and cream cheese rolls – v

Beef and wholegrain mustard koftas with horseradish crème fraiche – wf


Homemade assorted cake platter

Fresh fruit platter

Winter fruit slice with crumble topping and lemon curd

Pear and almond chocolate cake – wf

Mocha and cinnamon cake – vegan

Orange, cranberry and mixed spice flapjack with chocolate topping

Rocky road

Wf = wheat free

Please note all our meat is free range and from local farms – Please refer to website for full information on our suppliers

Please contact our office if you require full allergy or dietary information on our dishes