Our Principles

Kate’s Kitchen is a business designed around food cooked in our kitchen using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible:

  • Menus change according to seasonal food supplies
  • Our dried goods come from Essential Trading – All their products are ethically traded, GMO free warranty and nothing is air freighted 
  • Real food is made on site with care, love and attention
  • All food waste is recycled, any leftovers are sent to Fair Share
  • The majority of our dried goods are Organic and we use Shipton Mill organic flour
  • All our meat is free range from Origin Butchers
  • Our milk and cream is produced in Somerset
  • Special dietary requirements are accommodated
  • Staff are selected according to their sensibilities as well as their skills
  • Consumables, including food containers, are recycled and reused where possible
  • We are as efficient as possible in our use of transport in our delivery services
  • All our employees are paid at or over the Living Wage
  • Our paper plates, coffee cups, lids and napkins are made from sugar cane, a renewable resource, and 100% compostable.

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